BluPura Hydrazon Dispenser

Essential and elegant, to fit in stylishly in any surroundings. Efficient in its performance and simple in its functionality. Hydrazon is the perfect solution for any office or workplace.


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Available options:

Hydrazon RO – Cold still, Ambient & Hot water with Built-in RO system!

Hydrazon FIZZ: -Cold Sparkling, Cold still, Ambient & Hot water *External RO system required!

Both dispensers are equipped with:

  • Drip-tray full alert: a LED indicates when the drip-tray is full. The drip-tray also allows an optional drain connection.
  • Dispensing area: tall and illuminated.
  • Energy Saving function to reduce energy consumption during periods of non-use.


Outright purchase or Leasing available

(Leasing option includes all servicing and filter changes for period of the lease.)