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Tumas Group

Case Study & Success Story 

Business situation and pains prior to deployment

Previous MFP’s (other brand) present at the company were not on lease and their FSMA were expired or about to. Due to the amount of copies and print-outs we do everyday (though part of these were wasted since users would print their documents twice sometimes due to errors), the old machines were not keeping up and restarts and repair calls were becoming even more frequent as of late. Apart from that, FSMA charges were a bit expensive and we needed to cut down on onnecessary costs, both by having cheaper rates and also by changing the mindset and ways we were accustomed to when printing..

Technical situation

The current setup was showing its age and was becoming a bottleneck for the amount of users requiring these resources. We needed something better, more robust, and more adequate for our requirements. We also needed to reduce wasted and personal prints by having more control on who is printing and what is being printed. Also, with the inclusion of the GDPR, we needed a more secure way of printing and making sure that printed material ends up at the intended user.


Following our MDS approach, we firstly analyzed the scenario and we then designed a custom solution by providing 4 Full Color MFP’s including MYQ with VMHA option and RFID Card Readers.KFS was also proposed and installed to provide proper management and optimization therfore reaching all stages of the MDS solution concept.

Print Cost cutting and document security delivery was also reached providing full GDPR compliance and reporting.


The new system was an overall success. Our targets have been met and even exceeded. Monthly charges have decreased by around 68% in some cases and this even takes into consideration the monthly charge of the new systems. This excludes the paper itself, which has obviously decreased along with the reduced number of printouts. Thus, true savings will be even greater. The amount of coloured prints have decreased by around 71% per month (thousands of printouts in our case) on some machines and this makes a huge difference. The secure printing feature made users double-check their print jobs before actually printing and this reduced the wasted material as unnecessary print jobs were deleted before actually being printed out. Also, users cannot take other users’ printed material by mistake (or otherwise) as documents are printed there and then. In the future, we may be interested in implementing more machines into this system when their agreements expire or otherwise, according to need.

Products and services implemented

  • 2 x TASKalfa 2552ci
  • 1 x TASkalfa 5052ci
  • 1 x TASKalfa 8052ci
  • 4 x MultiTech P RFID Card Readers
  • KFS Solution
  • MYQ Solution up to 5 Years inc also VMHA LIcense